Product List
Large-extent ink-jet printer series (E185-2, E185-4, E215-2, E215-4)

Item No.

E185-2 E185-4 E215-2 E215-4

Actual Area(cm)

185 185 215 215

Max width of paper

200 200 230 230

Max resolution


Type of Chinese ink box

HP45 Chinese ink box

Speed of Printing( /h)

80 150 80 150

Disposition of Ink Cartridge

2pc 4pc 2pc 4pc

Printing Medium

Roll paper adopted on clothing, sheet paper and common Spray Printing paper(30g~250g)

Paper inputting style:

Automatic & Manually

Max Dia. Of Paper Roll


Style of interface


Data Form:

formatted file of HP-GL, HP-GL2

Equipment Memory


Other Characters

Compatible operating system

Microsoft Windows98/2000/XP/VISTA

system requirements

Intel, Pentium III or other higher CPU, 1GB hard disk which can use, 1GB Memory (2GB or higher memory is recommended)

operation panel

5.7 inch contact-type liquid crystal

enclosure with equipment

power cord, USB printing cord, warranty card, user's manual, HP45 ink box, Paper Roll, software of Printing control center

Software with equipment

USB printing drive, printing control center software

Specification of electrical appliance

power supply voltage



Working: 50-75W, Dormancy: 5W

power supply frequency


Condition of circumstance

Working Temperature(℃):


Working Humidity

non condensing

Storage Temperature(℃):


Storage Humidity

non condensing

Volume & Weight

physical size(cm)

260*70*110 260*70*110 300*70*110 300*70*110

packing size(cm)

270*60*50 270*60*50 310*60*50 310*60*50


130 130 135 135


140 140 160 160
  • The technical parameter is only for publicity, not for checking equipment, the actual parameter should be standard as real Item No.
  • Technical info changed without notification


Large-extent ink-jet printer series

Professional Choose to get perfect line high-quality printing, this is one professional ink-jet printer which is adequate for construction, engineering, clothing and mechanical layout, what's more, it is high cost performance!

It adopts advanced mainboard steering circuit & standard HP double-Ink Cartridge, assure that ink-jet printer works steadily. Predominant printing quality, efficiency of printing speed is multiplied compared with common single Ink cartridge.


It adopts advanced ink-jet printing technology, the minimum ink droplet is only 4pl, and the minimum width of line is only 0.04mm(0.002inch), the ink droplet can run up to±0.2%, so the ink-jet printer

Strong Function
The assorted printing control software is powerful, can let many files print in line, all catalogue files can be printed automatically. You only need to drag mouse, the order of file need to print can be adjusted optionally. Support LAN printing, increase output effiency.


Worriless Printing
It adopts human scale design, big contact-type liquid crystal as front panel, only need the fingle to touch, then control the ink-jet printer, which is modern and simple.
Wide Applying Space
Printing output control software supports all PLT files which is generated by CAD softwares(clothing, construciton, engineering, mechanical layout and etc. )

Low consumption
Advanced steering circuit makes the electric power consumption when complete appliance working or standby mode very low. Wide Paper requirements is suitable for many paper, which reduces use-cost of paper, standard HP Ink Cartridge can be purchased everywhere and it is cheap. The human scale Mechanical Design and professional serviceman guarantee timely maintenance and low cost.

High Indemnificatory
Products after replacing is assured parts service at least 5 years, which avoids the general customers the extra worries.

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