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Company Profile:

Guangzhou Dongbin computer technology Co., Ltd, focusing on human being and steady development and running the business with a practical and creative sense, enables our customers to enjoy our latest hi-tech fruit as well as win the maximum returns. Many of our products are in the leading domestic level and have a prospective future. We look forward to cooperate with people from all walks of life.

Service Concept:

After-sales service is the backbone of Dongbin’s growth and the essence of its existence. Dongbin has always been focusing their attention on the track of after-sales service, with many branches supporting to guarantee the use of equipments and solve the problems for companies. Dongbin’s powerful and sound consultant groups , specializing in textile and concerning industries, not only bring the professional CAD/CAM technologies but also transfer the professional technologies, which keeps you on the top of the era. Dongbin provides sound pre-sale and after-sale trainings. The powerful human resources constantly provide all kinds of CAD talents, which keeps market-dominated talents for you to join in the future intense competition.

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