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CD series digitizers (Graphics Tablets)
Brief introduction:

With high accuracy, reliable quality and stable performance, being tested over a long period of time, CD series that already have decades of history has won the trust of the customer and is chosen by many national military authorities as the deployed equipment. Multiple versions are available with active area varies from 12*12in/305*305mm to 44*60in/1118*1524mm and can be customized to all kinds of non-standard and background perspective types.

A digitizer is an input device that enables you to enter all kinds of drawings into the PC with high accuracy and display through the screen according to coordinates. In pro application lines, it is a kind of sketch input device with very extensive uses consisting of a electromagnetic induction board, a cursor and related electrocircuit. When users move the cursor and aim the crosspoint to a designated position, by click the button , it will create a series of information of the corresponding command signals and coordinates, which will be then send to computer through the interface(multiple use SI). To be more brief and exoteric, it is a large-area handwriting tablet which enables users to write and draw through special electromagnetic pen or stylus and outputs can be sent to computer system. However, it is much different from handwriting tablet on software support and emphasizes distinct on hardware design.

In numerous pro application fields, users need to draw with a large area. It is hard to finish by only lean on CAD system and will have obvious differentia on accuracy. Thus, it is nessecery to meet users' demand by digitizers. High-accuracy digitizers are applicable to the fields of geology, mapping, civil and architectural engineering etc. Common digitizers are applicable to the line of engineering, machanism and apparel designs etc.


·CD high-accuracy digitizer: accuracy up to 0.12mm,applicable to fields of geology, mapping and GIS.
·CD universal digitizer: accuracy up to 0.2mm, applicable to the fields of engineering, mechanism and apparel designs.
·CD series digitizer is a quarter lower than those abroad of the same accuracy and type.
·It helps users to solve link problems between digitizer and all kinds of computers as well as application software.
·CD series is compatible with a variety of international digitizers and can support multiple CAD, GIS software as well as some famous apparel dedicated software at home and abroad.
·CD series with active area of Aoo•Ao•A1, will enjoy our live free-three year warranty service with adequate accessories and timely maintenance.

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